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What exactly does the word teshuvah mean? Well, we’ve come to understand that it means repentance. But the real understanding is actually the opposite of what we think. What??? you say. Well, repentance, usually implies that we need to turn around, to get on the right path and off the wrong one. However, the Hebrew word teshuvah literally means to return. And one can not return to something that they have never had a relationship with…or an encounter with.

Now, that is not to say that we should not repent, that we should not get on the right path and that we should ask forgiveness and be sorry for what we’ve done. But when you understand the immense depth of what RETURNING means – it takes you to a whole other realm. To return to something means you were once there! Think about the ramifications of that for a minute. To return to where you once were before. Where would that be do you suppose? Like I said, ponder on that for a few.

An analogy from Rabbi Jacobson’s messages brings the point home. He talks about two teachers who discipline a student. One teacher reprimands, demanding that the student acknowledge he did wrong and agree to make amends. The other teacher tells the student, “You know, I want to tell you I am very disappointed that you didn’t live up to who you really can be. Your soul is much greater than that.”
Which teacher is correct?  Both are.

When making repentance it is not just about cleaning up your messy room – that’s a given.  In order to complete teshuvah, one must not only clean up the room and repair what is broken, but the most important aspect of returning is to connect to the essence of who you are in His eyes.

We all know that we can do better – how we do that is by realizing who we are from His perspective!

Ask yourself:  What type of baggage do you bring to the party each day as you walk through life? How much of that baggage is determines your self-worth and how much needs to be dumped?

Exercise for the day: Go thru your garbage heap…piece by piece…and decide if this or that is something He would approve of you keeping. Elevate your soul by praising His Name, singing praises, or reading Psalms and allow His Spirit to speak to your spirit. Now throw out the trash once and for all.


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