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Judaism teaches that a soul is never damaged. The body perhaps, the psyche perhaps, but the inner core of goodness that is the soul – never. The essence always remains intact.

Although that is true, the damage that we do in our physical lives can create a ruin so big, so high, and so wide that it completely obscures the pure essence underneath.

And yet, Moses taught us that there is never a ruin so big that it can’t be rebuilt; there is nothing that breaks that can’t be mended.

After the sin of the Golden Calf, in his plea for forgiveness, Moses told God, “You created human beings as a flawed race who are bound to make mistakes. You must create a way for them to repair these mistakes. You must tell me that there is a way out, that there is hope.”

In response, God told Moses, “I created the world in accordance with the laws of cause and effect. For every action there is a reaction. And sometimes the reaction is such that it can’t be reversed. You’re asking Me to change the natural laws that I myself created.”

But Moses argued, “I’m not asking you to change the laws. I’m asking you to crack open just one door.”

And He did.

This one door is called the “Gate of Tears.” Tears are like the spout on a kettle that allows internal pressure out. They have the power to pry open any door. Moreover our Sages say that “tears bathe the soul.” When we cry out to God with genuine sincerity, we wash away the muck that obscures our pure essence.

Ask yourself: Have you ever made a mistake so big that you thought there was no way to repair it? What must you repair that was broken in the past year? Do you believe that it can be repaired? Do you believe that God will help you in the process?

Exercise for the day: – Identify what is broken in your life. – Take the first step to mend one thing that is broken—either in your relationship with a friend, or a loved one, or G-d. – Allow yourself to cry.




from In Meaningful Life – 60 Day Spiritual Journey

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