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A BROKEN HEART – How to heal

One can not go through the journey of life without making mistakes … sometimes pretty big mistakes! Our lives and those around us break, and even life itself can bend us so far that we don’t know how to straighten up again. I’ve often said, we are broke people living in a broke world…we’re all broke. But there is a remedy for this condition!

I’m sure you’ve heard it said, ‘when given lemons in life, make lemonade’. It’s really true my friend, make lemonade! You have two choices when given lemons in your life, to be devestated and become bitter with the hurt or humiliation, or add a bit of sugar and enjoy the journey! Grow, my friend, GROW!

Think about it this way. In order to grow straight and tall we must have resistance in our lives. But in order to stand straight an tall and not fall over in the midsst of a storm, you must be strengthened and vibrant before that storm! It’s all about preparation! Prepare yourself early so that your roots run deep before that devestating storm hits and you will stand after it passes.

The Rabbi’s teach that the more broken you are, the more whole you have a chance to become. WHAT? What does that mean anyway?

Let’s continue, they teach that ‘nothing is as complete as a broken heart. “When your heart is broken, you are in a place that is real.”

Why is a broken wall the holiest place for Jews (Israel)? Why do Jews (Israel) stand and pray at a broken wall when there are such beautiful edifices around? Because, Jews (Israel) know that this isn’t a perfect world. As long as the world is not perfect, Jews (Israel) cannot stand in a beautiful edifice. Jews (Israel) can only stand and cry at a broken wall.” *

Our reality, the place that we live each and every day is not based on a Hollywood film, at least not on my block. We simply and truly are living in a broken and trodden-down world, a world that is overflowing with broken people, and those broken people must lift up and repair that which is broken.  Look around friend, there is a whole lot of repair work available!

Thoughts to ponder today:

Examine your heart….are you broken? Acknowledge it, accept it and realize that the One who loves you like a mother loves her first-born child, awaits you. Allow Him to help you heal so that you can reach out and help others heal as well.


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