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Sometimes we have a lot of trouble believing that – especially when one is going through a lot of trials and tribulations that never seem to end. Our faith weakens and falters. But let’s take a look at a few bible characters and see if we can increase that weakened faith.

Take a look at the greatest prophet of what we call the “Old Testament”Moshe – or Moses in English. His greatest test of faith came when he descended Mt. Sinai and was greeted full force with blatant idolatry by the ones he had just led out of Egypt. The sin of the Golden Calf was enough to make anyone drop to their knees in defeat.

Moses met this catastrophe two ways. First…he showed his ‘humanness’ and got furious! He threw down the tablets written by the finger of God no less.  His passion was ignited and he was simply one ticked off individual. How could this rag tag group of people that had just escaped the throes of the entire Egyptian army, walked across dry land between towering watery cliffs and seen success at every turn simply revert to their own pagan ways? His anger was righteous, that’s for sure.

mercy-graceHowever, after that emotional wave of self-righteous anger – he composed himself and returned to his inner strength, his essence. He drew upon the faith that was stored within himself and his faith gave birth to hope in the Holy One’s mercy. The mercy that endures forever, the mercy that is limitless, that is always there for the repentant.

His faith in God’s mercy gave him the fortitude that was needed to continue to fight for the entire multitude that trekked across the desert with him.  Having faith in His Mercy gave Moses the courage to come before the Holy One and cry out for mercy for these souls.  He trusted in that attribute of Yahweh that he had come to know so well.

However, as merciful as He is, sometimes the answer to our prayers is simply ‘no’.  And if that is the case then the only options are to give up and go home, or continue to go forward. Going forward seems illogical at best and ludicrous at its worst. But this is also a test – a test of real faith. Real faith propels you beyond logic and beyond reason. This is the ‘step of faith’ one takes when the path disappears. I always liken it to the invisible bridge in the Indiana Jones movie where he clutches the book and takes a leap of faith and then the bridge appears! It is the same with us – when we take that first step – he will show us the way!

Ask yourself: How strong is your faith when you are in a test, or being challenged by someone? Do you whimper and scurry back to your safe place, or do you step outside the box?

Exercise for the day: Examine a test or challenge you have recently had to walk through. Look intently at the things your did or said during this situation and measure whether it was of strength or whether you dealt in weakness. Determine one thing that you could have done or said that would have been done/said in a matter of strong faith – determine to make it a character trait.



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