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Now how do we do that again?

Identifying damaging patterns and personal bias is an essential step on a journey to freedom from our personal bondage. Let’s begin by looking deep within ourselves and peek into our soul. When we do that, an essential step on our journey to freedom it will identify some of our damaging patterns and personal bias’. You won’t have to peer into your soul very long before something will pop up and say BOO!

Unfortunately, all of us are enslaved in one way or another. Our social standards, our culture, our parent’s words and attitudes all influence who we are and how we react. So many factors are involved in our daily lives that determine who we have become!

Learning how to be free is what is called in the Torah “leaving Egypt.”

The Hebrew word for Egypt is Mitzrayim, which literally means “narrow” and which represents all forms of enslavement, be it dependency, conformity, subjectivity—whatever it may be in your life that sets up obstacles, limits, or constraints.

chainsHow are we to become free? Well, we must leave our personal Mitzrayim. But that is simply not enough to break free. The reason is that you can be free for the moment, but all of the sudden you will find yourself back in Egypt once more! So how do we stay free? We have to have the guidebook  ~  TORAH (the bible)! That is the only way you can stay free! These next forty days will help you develop a pattern of learning how to recognize Egypt in your life and maintain your freedom.

When we think about our own lives, we can remember many times where we felt free, inspired and could do anything!  But then slowly but surely…those old, nasty habits crept back into your space and pretty soon, that great feeling you had experienced and the freedom that looked so promising evaporated! You simply did not have enough resolve to carry out the plan!

THIS is why we need our DIVINE BLUEPRINT ~ the TORAH! It will reveal to you questions to ask yourself, advise to guide you and you will learn how to walk the path of freedom in every part of your life!

Ask Yourself:
Have you read the divine blueprint as a guide to reveal what is in your heart and how you live your life?

Exercise for the day:
After you read the divine blueprint, identify one area in your life where you desparetely need the Bible’s guidance. Give heed to what the Ruach haKodesh (Holy Spirit) is whispering in your ear and walk it out in faith!

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