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Today begins the countdown to Yom Kippur.  Today is the third day of the Ten Days of Teshuvah, which will culminate on this most awesome of days. This is possibly the most intense time in the Hebrew calendar when each individual is granted the power of a group of ten.

We are vested with this power because in these ten days, having crowned God as our King, we now undertake the task of rebuilding His kingdom—both in the spiritual realm “above” and in our world “below”—known in the language of the esoteric as Binyan HaMalchut.

Malchut (“kingship”) refers to the tenth of the Ten Sefirot, the ten spheres or channels of Divine energy with which G-d created the world and which flow through every aspect of reality including our own souls.  This means that to rebuild malchut we must rebuild ourselves—our own nobility, our own dignity, that very aspect of ourselves which was created in the image of G-d. By building our own malchut, we help rebuild G-d’s malchut in the universe.

We know our malchut is in need of rebuilding when we feel afraid and insecure, because our personal sense of security and insecurity in life depends on it.

When children are raised in dysfunctional homes where their dignity is trampled upon, their malchut is eroded. They can grow up to be adults with great minds and great hearts, but they are insecure adults who lack the courage for the suspension of self that is necessary to truly grow, because they feel they must fight for whatever scrap of dignity they can grab.

So the rebuilding of malchut in effect means the building of dignity, majesty, and security in a world that’s very insecure. And we are given special power during these ten days to do it. It is not as hard as we might imagine because to build it all we need do is access the place in ourselves that was never wounded in the first place—the place of our Divine soul.

Ask yourself: Do you generally feel secure or insecure in life? Are you someone whose malchut has been eroded by life experiences?

Exercise for the day:

– Describe the part of yourself that was never wounded—your Divine soul. – Do something Divine today, something that makes you proud and  builds your malchut, your dignity.



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