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How does one develop sensitivity? Is it something that comes naturally? Is it an acquired state? Does your momma have to slap it into you? Well, maybe it’s a bit of all of that and more learned through the pages of your journey. We certainly don’t come with sensitivity! Most of us, truth be told, are in it for ourselves! The most important person in our lives … well, is US!

But we are to see and feel and experience life as our Master ‘saw‘ life. Everything touched him deeply, from the smallest to the largest detail, he ‘saw‘ differently. He was aware of the fragileness of the human race, he was compassionate and sensitive to every living thing. It was as if he marveled at every detail, and so should we!

So today, examine yourself for ‘sensitivity‘ …. is it one of your closest companions? Do you recognize her? If you are sensitive to everything, even the caterpillar crossing your path, or the bird chirping its melody in the trees, it is more than likely you will be more sensitive to your neighbor’s plight. You will ‘notice‘ that the “I’m fine” response, isn’t.

When you are sensitive and kind and compassionate to other human beings, you are practicing the essence of tzedakah (“charity”), one of the three pillars upon which the world stands (Torah and prayer being the other two).  Tzedakah is sensitivity in action.

This ‘sensitivity‘ is a goal that all of us should aspire to practice and become a part of who we are. Being sensitive in life, thanking the Creator of all for everything is essential to our being wholly human! Everything we have is by the grace of YHWH (God) and as such, it is ‘holy’.

Therefore, every step we take, every breath we make, is by His grace! Let us always be quick to praise his Holy Name for the many blessings of grace he has given us!

So rather than thank Him because ‘you should’ – prepare your heart for the many blessings that come your way each and every moment, realize how extraordinary that actually is, and consider where and what you would be without those blessings – big and small. After you contemplate and ponder that, then give thanks!

[box\Ask yourself:  Do you think you are the ‘sensitive’ type? Do you think you can examine deep within you and share some examples of being sensitive?

Exercise for the day:

  • Today, take extra effort to ‘see’ the world around you and ‘give’ a little more of yourself.
  • Teach your children to be more sensitive to the world around them, to their siblings, parents, friends and family.
  • Make even the tiniest thing a blessing by thanking the One who gave it to you. [/box]




Inspired by 60 Days of a Spiritual Journey from Rabbi Jacobson, Meaningful Life

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