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Elul  Day 7


In the month of Elul (our August/September), it is said that in tradition that the King, God Himself, comes down from his throne and walks in the field waiting for us to come out to meet him. This is the season that He is very close by, so gaze out the window of your soul and run to the one that loves you more than anyone ever could!

During this season of Elul … this 30 days of introspection, we can sometimes realize that we are not who we say we are, or maybe we are and we don’t like that part of us. This is the month when He is holding our hand, walking in the beautiful wildflower dotted field, urging us to ‘be real’. We are truly complex human beings and there seems always to be a split in our make up…of who we think we are and who we want to be. As we concentrate and inspect our own tree of fruit, let the layers of who you think you are be stripped away! Reach down, deep down and ‘see‘ your true self as He sees you! Completed, whole, perfect – all we have to do is recognize that and walk in his footsteps.

So….this is Elul and the King is here with us….more so this month than others as we are the ones running out to meet him! On Rosh Hashanna and Yom Kippur – he will be back in his palace on his throne. Run to him today!

Ask yourself:  Think about this slowly……you open your eyes and you are surrounded by purple and yellow and white wildflowers…and all of the sudden your gaze rises to embrace the King of Kings! How would you approach him and what would you ask of Him?

Exercise for the day:

– Take time today to write a letter to your Father in Heaven. – Look around your home, your workplace, your neighborhood and choose just one mundane (“field”) thing in your lfie. Now….think how you could ‘make it holy’ or sanctify it, use it to make the “King” proud!



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