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Elul 8

Are you able to step out?

We’ve talked about our Elohim being ‘in the field’, being right there where you live, right there, accessible to anyone that chooses to accept the invitation. However, many will simply turn around and go the other way, many will not even look up. Are you one of those?

In the beginning, God gave us the power, the ability to love each other through what He did around us. When He split Adam into male and female, we were given the opportunity to ‘return‘ to each other and learn  how to love and be one (echad) again. It would take humility, love and mercy on our part in order for that coming together could happen. And together we could return to Him.

It is said that through our interactions with each other we learn how to deal with each other, how to love each other. Unfortunately, it is also the same interactions that can cause us to hurt each other, to offend each other. When we learn to love each other however, we learn how to love God as well. Yes, you heard me.

When we learn how to love each other, we learn how to love God.

One of the acronyms of Elul is:  Ani l’dodi v’dodi li, meaning “I am for my beloved, and my beloved is for me.” (“Song of Songs” 6:3)

If you look at that sentence again…you will see that it is ‘I’ that begins the first step, and then ‘my beloved’, will respond.  The Torah teaches us that God will always meet us when we seek Him.  All throughout scripture we see that when we make teshuvah, when we return to God, He is always there waiting for us. However, you…me…we need to take the initiative, we need to take the first step.

In Rabbi Jacobson’s 60 day Spiritual Guide to High Holiday book, he makes a note that when all the Israelites were in despair as they faced the Red Sea in front of them with the Egyptians to their back, one man stepped forward. This one man named Nachson took the risk … walked into the water… the water reached his nose and THEN the sea parted.

So what does that actually mean? Well, when WE take the initiative, the seas will part.  So let us take that initiative – let us see the seas part!

Ask yourself: How often do you step out in faith even when things look impossible?  How often do take the FIRST step and reach out to someone else….to God?

Exercise for the day: Examine your ‘steps’ and see how many of them are ‘first’ steps. Are you the last one that takes the initiative or the first? Think of one area in your life where you can take the first step, with your beloved and with God.


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