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Sometimes I wonder .. what on earth are emotions good for? Most of the time, they simply sabotage clear, independent thinking being not only confusing but often derail our plans of making clear and logical judgments.

raindropsHowever, while the emotional realm can be overwhelming – whether in delight or in heartache – they are a necessary and vital part of our essence. Emotions enable us to be ‘human’ – emotions enhance our highs in life and our lowest lows. Emotions wrap us up in a comforter of protection and expose us to the ecstasy of the seventh heaven. So what do we do when our logical being slams up into our emotional being?

Many of us are derailed when the two collide – we submit, bow, give up – to either one or the other and walk away shaking our head with despair.  But is that necessary? Is that what our Heavenly Father wants us to do? Ask yourself WHERE were those myriads of emotional outlets originate from? Who designed the over-whelming love in your heart for a newborn child, or the depths of the bottomless pit of despair when a loved one forsakes you? What about the simple peace that descends upon you as the smile of a child wraps its warmth around your heart or the steely slice of pain that carves up your insides when despair and heartache become your friends? Where………they……come…..from?

Well, they don’t come from ‘the enemy’ … that’s for sure. They ALL – each and every one of them – come down from the Father above. The tears you experience, whether in joy or in pain, are given to you through the love and mercies of the One who created you and I. His mercies are never ending, all encompassing and wrapped sometimes in the most mysterious of flavors! It is our work to walk each day in those blessings and determine that we will choose life and not death. It is our ‘free will’ that allows us to ‘see’ into the pain, to ‘feel’ the realness of the outstretched hand grasping ours, and to recognize the opportunity to grow, to live, to  heal.

So embrace the emotions my dear friend, no matter what form they may come in …. thunderstormwhether they be thru raindrops in the sunlight where you can lift up your face and lick them from your lips, or whether you must huddle underneath shelter to protect yourself from the dark swirling clouds and piercing thunderous lightning strikes.  All comes from the one above….enjoy the raindrops of blessings….and ‘listen’ with your heart. HE is speaking.

~just some musings ~ Pam

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