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…to celebrate –  SHABBAT!

Another week has come to a close and a new one begins as we take deep breaths … in – out – in – out and settle into the joy and peace of Shabbat!

The seventh day is a day set aside by the Holy One Himself – from the beginning of time.  A time for all of us, man and beast, to rest and renew our strength. We rest in Him because – well, He IS our strength!

During these last few weeks of transitioning into a different reality – one that does not have my youngest son here in the flesh – one would think that Sabbath would bring no rest. Too many things concerning Sabbath bring Jason face to face with me all over again. But the Joy of the Sabbath that he loved, has given me a settled spirit. His voice rings in my ears as I hear him ask me about the parsha (Torah reading of the week).  I can smile.

So no matter what you are going thru….no matter what it looks like….remember – you either believe that HE is in charge of all things….or you don’t. Personally, I don’t do a very good job of ‘fixing’ stuff …. and I’m learning how to put it in His hands and see the miracles unfold. One just has to look with different eyes.

Be blessed!

Shabbat Shalom!

Beautiful flowers from Jerusalem ~ Thanks Glen!

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