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Esther and me (excuse me, Esther and I). Could there be a similar storyline in our lives? Not sure…but something tells me we have a lot in common.

Esther’s beloved land of Israel is not where she found herself ‘for such a time as this’. The land of Persia was a fur piece from her brethern which hailed from Jersualem!  She found herself without her family, under the care of another and in the midst of a precarious situation! I, too, find myself a fur piece from my original homeland, removed from my loved ones and also in precarious situations.  Well, maybe not quite as far from my homeland as Esther, but far enough I guess. But we definitely share the loss of loved ones and the precarious situations, that’s for sure. And my destination for over 30 years … well, that is the same as our beloved Queen – Jerusalem. So in heart, we are on the same page.

Then of course we have the devoted uncle – Moredechai. When Esther (her true name being Hadassah) took her in after the loss of her parents, he loved her as if she were his own daughter. Apparently she grew up into a stunningly beautiful woman and her beauty did not diminish her admiration and respect for her uncle. In fact, she admired him so much and respected his advise, that she hid her Jewish identity during a very precarious situation  … how she did that ... well, that’s a condumdrun to me. After all, you would think the King would WANT to know who she was and where she came from, at the very least to consider her for Queen of all Persia. I don’t really have an ‘uncle Mordechai’ … but I have had many placed in my life that have given me wise advise and loved me dearly. And, truth be told, sometimes, I don’t know who I am – so my identity is hidden as well many times.

So moving on to the King. Who was this guy…..seriously? A drunk? A blowhard? How did he even get to the throne with his crazy antics? Ahhh…but that is all OUR perspective. There is so much more beneath the curtain of King Xerxes life! Actually, I find him quite brilliant. After all, how DOES one hold together all 127 recently conquered provinces? Well….of course! Throw a big party and impress them with everything you got! Show off your massive military prowess, give them a hint of all that “Persia” offers and then throw in a bit of feminity so that they can identify with Mother Persia too! Although she had a different plan of action. So there was a plan to his madness. Brilliant to say the least. As for myself….I can’t really think of anyone that would represent a ‘king’ in my life….unless it would be trying to figure out the local government’s crazy ways of dealing with everything…although I wouldn’t exactly call it brilliant. Or could he even represent, in some way, the King over all of us? Here we are trying to figure out the whats and wherefores of all our precarious situations, and low and behold, He has a plan! That is something to ponder.

And that leaves us with Haman….mmmmmmmmmmm. A person so ambitious, so full of himself, so out to conquer anything that gets in his way he will do whatever and to whomever it takes to win! Ah, but those are the ones that are struck down right before the taste of victory slides down their greedy gullet . I think we can all relate to having a Haman in our lives, can’t we? I could name a few hundred if given the opportunity…and that wouldn’t cover them all.

So, in the end, what do we have? A lot of people making a lot of plans. Hadassah (Esther), making plans that will endear her to the King (plan maker extreme), Mordecha, making plans keep things on track, the King making plans to outwit and conquer and of course Haman, making plans to fulfil all his worldly desires.  If taken to heart, maybe we all have a bit of each of these characters living within us. We all have plans. We have a plan like Esther, we have plans like Mordechai, the King and yes, even Haman. These ‘characters’ are a part of our own fleshly desires….we can either be lifted up like Hadassah (Esther) was or lifted high like Haman. The choice, my friends, is ours.

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