What about Women in the Bible? Well, what about them?

On this portal, we hope to show how significant and impactful the women in the bible were, and how you are able to influence many, many throughout your life. So, ladies – set down your knitting needles, pick up your sword of truth and let’s get busy. We have a whole lot of doing to get done!

As we go through this portal, we’ll be adding many links that share scriptural insights into what the “Ezer Kenegdo” or helpmeet, as the English transliterated the Hebrew word, really means and how you can revitalize your life!

Here’s one good little video to get you started.

Eve YHWH’s Lifegiver

by Boaz Nieuwhof

Listen to Boaz as he goes thru scripture by scripture and travels through history to weave a beautiful pattern of who ‘Eve’ is and how we have mistranslated and misconstrued the wonderful creation that the Holy One brought forth from Adam. Be prepared to be transformed!

Spread the truth!