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• 1 tablespoon rose petals
• 1 tablespoon yarrow leaves and flowers
• 1 tablespoon calendula
• 2 tablespoons oatmeal
• Almond meal, cosmetic clay powder, milk powder, or other botanicals (optional)


1. Rose petals will often resist breaking down, so begin by putting them into a food processor, or if you’re like me you have a coffee grinder (or two) just for herbs and resins. Pulse to break down.

2. Add the remaining ingredients and process until they are a fairly uniform consistency about the size of grains of sand. Transfer the mixture to an airtight container.

3. To use, put about a tablespoon of the mixture in a small dish, and add enough of your wetting agent to form a spreadable paste. Wash your face using your normal cleansing method, and then spread on the facial, rubbing it around to exfoliate a little bit. Leave it on for 5 minutes before rinsing and patting dry.

excerpt: Mother  Earth News

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