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Father’s Day …. this one comes with bittersweet emotions, filled with sunshine and tears. The warmness of the early rays of the faithful sun peeking through a few feathery soft clouds on my cheek stir up memories of happy days with my own father in long-past days of childhood. And then just as immediately a sneaky teardrop escapes the unending well of more to come as thoughts rest on my youngest son not being here to celebrate his own special day with his two young girls. If I don’t check it quickly, the damn will break as my imagination overwhelms me ‘seeing’ my oldest son sitting in prison greens embracing his own six young progeny and my husband battling life’s problems as well. Yes, it can be truly overwhelming!

So…..what I have learned, is to step back, take a deep breath in, let it out……deep breath in….let it out, and focus on the NOW….. Not as easy as it sounds, but with practice the heart slowly returns to normalcy, the tightness in your chest leaves, and you can focus on the NOW … and in the NOW, I am blessed. And they are too many to count.

So, to all of you that are also walking through the rose garden, yet feeling the thorns…..stop, B R E A T H E and focus on the NOW. We are promised nothing else. (oh my goodness…..the air conditioning just went kaput!)

Happy Father’s Day to my Father, to my husband … and to my two sons – Jim & Jason … I love you.

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