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wake-up-callInteresting phrase don’t you think? Fully Awake. ….. Fully Awake.

Are you fully awake? And if so, what does that mean? Fully awake.

Consider that for a moment … close your eyes and envision yourself FULLY AWAKE! Do you live life to the fullest? Are you listening with every fiber of your being? Are you seeing with the full color spectrum of the rainbow? If not, why not? And if not, how do we do that?

First, what road are you on and how did you get there?

The road that all of us are to patiently and determinedly to be on, to stay on, is the road of reconciliation. The One we say we serve has shown us all that needs to be done in our lives. He has perfected the road of reconciliation and he awaits for us to follow his example. He has shown us the perfect example in his son who reconciled all of us to him! Shall we do any less?

So let us take stock of ourselves this morning…ask yourself if you are following the example of the Perfected One … ask yourself if you are FULLY AWAKE and cognizant of the world in which you live. As yourself if you are listening intently to the voice of the Holy One of Israel? Ask yourself if you are seeing the fullness of what he has done for you that you may do the same for others?

Slumber no more, AWAKE and be FULLY AWAKE to what your Father is doing right now, this moment and recognize the opportunity that is right before you!



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