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Each time some post on Facebook, some Tweet, or some news story causes you to experience a sensation of irritation, revulsion, or anger, stop for a moment and give thanks to the Holy One that you are still alive and that He has allowed you to see and be moved by what you read, saw or heard. The posts, tweets, and news items themselves are not things to worry – much less rant – about. What they really constitute are ‘cue cards’ telling you what you need to make the subject of your times of communion with the Holy One. The Holy One is using these things to point out to you the areas where responseyour flesh is still susceptible to manipulation by men.

What is appropriate action? It is to pray about the things that still have the capacity to activate your flesh-responses – and to keep praying about them and seeking the Holy One’s perspective on them until the irritation you initially felt gives way to peace, until the revulsion you initially experienced gives way to compassion, and until the anger/outrage you initially allowed to steal your peace yields to confident expectation of Divine Intervention, Wisdom, Goodness, and Redemption.


**** by my good friend Bill Bullock!***

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