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Gray Haired Wisdom

Gray Haired Wisdom

So what is gray-haired wisdom? Well, it is something hopefully that at age 70 (oh my, can it be?)  I’ve gained a few brain cells. But I guess it depends on who you ask. Sometimes, of course, I feel like I’m the dumbest gal in the room…other times…well, let’s just say I feel pretty good.

But, truth be told, most days I just feel like I know nothing…am just getting by…and wondering what’s it all worth? I know, that’s a pretty bleak picture, but well, sometimes it just is what it is (as my late son, Jason would always say). HOWEVER, I won’t leave you with that depressing note….when I ‘address‘, ‘recognize‘, and ‘own‘ (ARO) those ‘symptoms‘ … I can then ‘dismiss‘ them into oblivion.

Well, I can certainly here you gasp in horror as you mouth “WHAT” … yep…seriously I can hear you as I did the same thing many years ago. Yes, I prayed, fasted, called out the demons…but to no avail it would seem most days. But looking at these pitfalls from an ARO point of view allows you to draw back that bow and aim your ‘arrow’ at the real enemy (usually your own imagination!).

So … my first point of gray-haired advise: learn the ARO approach. When you start feeling yourself sinking into that slimy pit of self-pity,

  1. ADDRESS it for what it is … pity-party.
  2. RECOGNIZE the reasons that you might be sinking into that pit. Rejection in some way? Low self-confidence? Bad hair day?
  3. OWN that ‘feeling’…after all, you have conjectured it up in some way out of the black part of your psyche.
  4. And then … after the ORA … start counting your blessings…it’s hard, I know, but think of only ONE….then you’ll think of another and another and another. Rest on those blessings.


Ok…so there we go…first post on gray-haired wisdom! Let me know what you think by commenting below. ~Pam~

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