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So how’s it going? Have you been following along each day with us as we go through various thoughts, exercises and plans of action? Have you taken advantage of the uniqueness of this season to bring heaven down to earth? Or are you still sitting on the couch watching the tube? Sigh…….you’re missing out on so much!

This season of repentance, teshuvah, is when it is said that the King is in the field. What does that mean to you? To me, it means that while my King is always available, this is the time when He has come down off His throne and is walking in the field with His children. Think about it – have you ever seen children run and play in a large field, darting in and out of trees and bushes – playing hide and seek? Children ‘lose’ themselves in the joy of being free as they run to and fro unfettered basking in the sunshine as it paints a dappled scene through the fall leaves. This is how I feel when I’m ‘in the field’ soaking in the beauty of the landscape He has painted … and then … the Painter Himself turns and smiles at me holding out his hand encouraging me to come back to Him.

Now is the time to return….return to your heart’s desire… to love and be loved by the One who Created You….the King of Kings! He’s there – go out and meet Him! And it’s not too late to join us – click here: ELUL NEWSLETTER

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