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To my Mother of 69 years … and my grandmothers before her…

Thank you Mom for being there for me in every little thing in my life!

  • Thank you for raising me in a safe and loving environment, giving me a childhood full of hope, and joy and miracles.
  • Thank you for steering me through those teen age years, those learning to drive times and helping me figure things out ‘with those boys’.
  • Thank you for being supportive and loving and giving your all when I decided to marry my highschool sweetheart at the tender age of 18
  • Thank you for being there when my first baby was born and staying with me that first week …. and always be a phone call away.
  • Thank you for giving me your undivided attention whenever I called with a question or needed encouragement when I didn’t know how to handle a situation being a ‘mom’ myself.
  • Thank you for being there through my children’s adolescence, through my concerns about them getting married themselves and lending a helping hand as we became empty nesters.
  • Thank you for opening your home and hearts to Jim & I when we came back from Costa Rica and had no place to hang our hats
  • Thank you for being there for me when my own son, Jason, went thru his time of leaving us and passed into the next time realm….and holding my hand when a year later Jim joined him.
  • Thank you for being so kind and open to being there for me in this last leg of our journey.
  • Thank you …. thank you …. thank you … for just being you!


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