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is our story

…… we are all ‘Esther‘ in some way or another – whether walking with the face of Esther or the face of Hadassah ~ we are all one in spirit. The one who is hidden, and the one who is not, the one who is a queen in waiting and the one who is of questionable background ~ it is us. Sometimes we face things with openness and boldness, and sometimes with fear and trepidation, but the two faces work together – always.

It is through both faces that we are able to walk this journey with confidence, and competence as we come together to recognize who we are. Recognizing who we are allows us to embrace the One who already knows us …. Him! When we are faced with situations beyond our control, we can take a deep breath, gather our thoughts and focus on the One who is always in control! Then we can walk forth through those precarious situations, those dire circumstances, and hold our head up because He has gone before us …. He is our shield.

Why can we be so confident and rest assured that He is in control when all around us seems in total chaos? Because God is always at work , always…whether we see Him or even hear His voice…He is always at work! All throughout the story of Esther, even though His name is never mentioned, He was at work. Only through hindsight are we able to bring all of that chaos into focus. In the dreary, dark days when Esther was taken forcefully from all that she loved by the guards and taken into the harem (2:1-16), or when she risked her life by going before the king without permission (5:1-3) we see, in the end….victory! But walking through those dire circumstances, navigating in the chaotic tides of the unknown, Esther/Hadassah, walked in trusting faithfulness in her God ~ even when none of it made any sense.

Our lives are filled with ups and downs, situations and circumstances that many times are beyond our control, but God is always present. Just as Mordecai’s words rested in his faith that God would honor his eternal covenant, so too should we learn how to rest in that same faith!

God is the ultimate Promise Keeper and no matter what the situation looks like … learn how to rest in Him. Rest in Him. As you rest in that trusting faithfulness that He will keep His promises, you will, in the end, see God weave all the events of your life into one beautiful tapestry…and it will, as it is quoted…be for your good!

If you are having difficulties today, if your life’s journey has thrown you a curve that you think you can not surmount … take a deep breathsee His face … and rest in Him. Allow Him to work in your life …. and know that He will keep His promises!


  1. 2-26-2021

    Beautiful word!

    • 3-2-2021

      Thank you so much Bonnie….I truly appreciate your encouragement!

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