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One of my favorite books of the bible is, of course, the Book or Scroll of Esther. The amazing intrigue and mystique of this short story is laden with unbelievable hidden truths…..all in plain site.

After teaching and holding workshops in previous years on the mysteries of this young Jewish woman named Haddasah, but called Esther, I thought it time to bring those notes back out of the closet and share them again. So join with me and let’s discover again the beauty of this story.


Esther’s story is the story of the exiles of Israel who remained in the Persian Empire and were almost destroyed by the antagonist of the story, Haman. Why and who is this Haman? Well, Haman the Agagite was the grand vizier of the King of Persia, Ahaseurus, and a descendant of an Amalekite king, long-time enemies of the Jewish people. The Holy One, centuries earlier, had commanded King Saul to destroy the Amalekites (1 Samuel 15:3), but Saul failed to obey the order. His disobedience in this area not only led to the loss of his kingdom but in Esther’s time almost led to the annihilation of all the Jews. So glean, if you will, this first bit of advise ~ not following through with God’s commands always has consequences … either immediately or centuries down the road.

The basics of the story is set in the time frame of approximately 485-465 BCE where King Ahasuerus (sometimes called Xerxes) reigned. She was the daughter of Avihail (Esth 2:15) and is the cousin and adopted daughter of Mordecai who is from the tribe of Benjamin (Esth 2:5-7). The scriptures describe her as beautiful, obedient, godly and respectful. She loved and obeyed her uncle Mordechai.

Esther rises to the spotlight when the King holds a banquet and requires his queen – Vashti – to appear before the invited wearing her ‘crown‘. Some sages say that she was required to appear with only her crown and this is why she refused to obey. The story continues that the King vanquished her because of her refusal ~ he didn’t want other women to follow in her footsteps. (I could say a whole lot right here, but I’ll refrain!) A search ensued for all the young beautiful women in his kingdom to replace the Queen. Esther was one of the chosen and taken to the kingdom, along with various other young maidens. However, one small caveat … she kept her Jewish identity hidden.


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