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Some say we travel on the highway of life. And most would agree – as they hit the gas and go full speed, never looking back. However, some of us find ourselves somewhere down a lonely back road…a well rutted, dusty, well-traveled back road. Those ruts seem to tell the story that many have gone before us. We have left the fast lane, the truckers, the various exits to this and that and have chosen our own way. Our way is undetermined, unproven, and sometimes, even uninhabited. But, it’s our road. A road that we have chosen to follow when common sense would have said stay on the highway – but we are the adventurous type. The trail-blazing type. That was years ago. Now, it’s time to slow down and take a look in the rear view mirror….a slow sigh of relief escapes and a smile traces its way across my face all the while saying, ‘wow, what a trip’.

‘Wow….what a trip’

And trip it was, and hopefully there is still a little more tread on the tires to keep us going for a few more years, but if not – ‘wow what a trip’.

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