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As I recline this calm humid night, the ‘tv box’ flips thru channels … it lands on the History Channel and a program called “America“.

Everyone, young and old alike, should take time to watch this drama packed, revealing program that will challenge your memory of school time history class. There are more than few surprises to ‘our’ history that I simply don’t remember being taught in school. One of the most notable points of the show are the commentators …. every culture represented the rise of this land we call America as ‘ours‘ or ‘we‘ and each one was inclusive on recognizing the strength of all of us working together; no matter skin color or culture, together we are better – working together we can accomplish the impossible.

Watching this movie, envisioning the many ancestors that came before me and bringing it to life in my own mind, brought me to the edge of a distant, past realm. The emotions and feelings of past difficulties, tragedies and trials of those ancestors who paved the way …. threatened to overwhelm my senses as storm clouds and bellows of lightning threatens a perfectly peaceful, sunny day. But just as quickly, sentiments of long silenced memories filled with courage, dedication and optimism overrode those previous emotions and a sense of peacefulness and confidence in the future flooded in.  Admiration rose to the surface and my heart was lifted knowing that our country has been through decades and decades of turmoil and seemingly impossible scenarios that would have defeated others and yet we persevered and thrived!

Bottom line…..from the 1600’s to the 21st century….AmericansALL Americans are a peculiar people, a people that consider the “WE” and the “OUR” as a unique and obtainable battle-cry.

Today we are going through another growing phase and many are indecisive as to how it will all end. Will the various descendants of all those immigrants, who fought together and against each other but came out united – be defeated by those trying to divide us once again?

Will the people of this country forget or worse, dismiss the unprecedented mountaintops that were scaled and those who fought valiantly through her infancy to become the great melting-pot of all cultures? Will ‘we the people’ whose long-gone ancestors formed a government and took on the greatest military of the time, that was OF the PEOPLE, BY the PEOPLE and FOR the PEOPLE secede those accomplishments to a small group of powerful and self-motivated demi-gods?

Or … will WE THE PEOPLE stand united, determined to work together and prove once again to the whole world that, yes, we are a peculiar people. A peculiar people that lead, a people that unite when freedoms are threatened, and a people who believe that our collective history is worth saving.

I know I am….are you?

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