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A friend of mine posted this from one of her studies ~ it is probably one of the best posts I’ve read in a long time! It is definitely worth considering as we go forward … basically … it’s a ‘get over yourself’ post.

Other than their basic theme, what is the one thing all of the following scenarios have in common?

David tells Samuel “it really hurt my heart when I wasn’t even considered until all of my brothers had been disqualified.”

Sarah tells Abraham, “it really hurt my feelings when the situation you set up allowed me to be put into another man’s harem…TWICE!”.

Moses tells his brother and sister, “it really hurt my feelings that you would gossip about me”. Leah tells Jacob, “it really hurt my feelings that you preferred my sister”.

NONE of them are mentioned in Scripture.

There is NO record in the Bible of a righteous person ever going to the person who hurt them and laying it at their feet, getting into a scrap about it, or airing the problem to their friends so that they can feel validated and soothed.

Check for yourself and from Genesis to Revelation you won’t find ONE SINGLE ACCOUNT.

Did they have hurt feelings? Sure they did. Do we have hurt feelings sometimes? Sure we do. Let us take a lesson from our Bible heroes and take these hurts before the throne of the Most High, knowing that only He can heal us, soothe us, and give us the fortitude to forge ahead in love, choosing to leave bitterness and rancor behind.

Great word and one I know >I< am going to take to heart!

Spread the truth!

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