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The Season of our Joy …. is upon us! Now…where did I put that flask of ‘joy’? Come out, come out wherever you are!!!!!! Ahhhhh…..there you are….hiding underneath the baggage of bitterness, frustration, and self-pity.

Bringing out that tiny little flask I wonder….how could such a minute little bag of joy fill this empty old tired body….seems impossible for sure.

So, gingerly pulling apart the frayed strings of that little flask – OUT POURS JOY!!!! And she reminds me, quite pointedly, how much I have to be thankful for….good health for myself, my husband’s ability to get help for his health issues, all the wonderful health and happiness my 8 grand daughters are blessed with, two beautiful and godly women as daughters-in-law, wonderful happy parents who love life, siblings that love me and all have beautiful and sweet children and grandchildren, the ability to know the scriptures and follow His footsteps…….oh my….

JOY spilleth over and covers my wounds ….. HALLELUYAH!

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