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Today is the 4th of July and the fireworks have been going off for the last week and are getting louder and louder as the day creeps forward….much anticipation by everyone for the grand finale that will take place later tonight!

Even though it is a dreary day and the rays of the sun seem to be content in their hiding place, everyone is carrying on as if it were 90 degrees and the sun were shining brightly. Spirits will not be dampened – at least by dispositions anyway! Various tempting dishes of every conceivable dish line the tables, with everyone sneaking samples when they think no one is looking – but everyone knows as they are doing the same thing. The little ones are racing in and out of the pavilion and having a grand time chasing each other with water balloons, hitting their targets every once in a while, but still having a grand time.

So we hope that you are blessed this day of remembering our Independence and that you take a few moments to remember those that went before us so long ago to make this day possible.


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