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This week was an especially hard one for me. It began with a week of feeling as if I were almost drowning in tears of grief and loosing the ability to breathe deeply (they tell me it’s asthma but I don’t agree). But, yesterday that last straw broke the camel’s back and I awoke to gasping, unable to breathe; I sank to my knees while grabbing the nebulizer and was ready to truly ‘be free’ imploring Abba to bring me home to join my husband and son.

I know, I know, that sounds horrid doesn’t it – a weak willed woman ready to give up, looking for escape. And they call me ‘strong’! But I bet some of you have felt that way at one time or another. The trauma of losing those close to you, the ones you rely on and you don’t even know how much until they are not there to pick up the slack, can sometimes just be overwhelming. And it was. On top of all the grief and trauma, not being able to breathe will cut you to the core of your being! Anyway – today I am much better and breathing … well, due to a little medical help. As I scrolled through the numerous messages, trying to sort some things out, I saw my son, Jim’s, weekly Sabbath message. So after hitting the link, the welcome video popped up and I almost dismissed it as I’ve seen it before….but this time I just let it run….

There are some things that bring you down, and there are others that lift you up. This is one of those lifters of the head!

My daughter (in-law), Cheryl, is probably the most underrated ‘teachers‘ in her own right. She is a teacher of how to walk gracefully during tumultuous times. She is a teacher in how to raise 6 girls while your husband has been taken away. She is a teacher to many who seek out her wisdom in various circumstances and situations – from counseling, to leading bible study, to whatever life has to throw at her…..and while we both know that there are those ‘down’ times, she walks her faith out … and I mean WALKS.

Just so everyone knows, I love this girl as if I had bore her myself, and I remember how my husband always said she was the daughter he never had. She has stood by our son through some unimaginable trials and tribulations – many that will never be fully known. She has braved the test and is still standing, and while she may be a little broken at times, she has never quit. Cause my son tells me that Staley’s don’t quit.

Dad and I love you dearly Cheryl, and as always, we stand by your side.

SO, here is what I want to share with you, so that if you are having difficulty raising your head to the heavens today and basking in His Light……maybe this will encourage you as it has me.

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