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The King of Kings has approached his throne and is about to take his seat.  The time of Elul, of preparation, has come to an end. We no longer can run out to the field and walk casually to and fro among the daises and wildflowers with our Father. We must now approach the throne room and be admitted in, bowing and bending as we go. Will we have the scepter raised as it was raised for Esther? Are we ready to don the white garments of a bride?

The ledgers lay on the table close to the throne…it is almost time for the King to open them and compare our past actions and deeds and evaluate where we are on the scales. He will ponder over those ledgers, frowning, grimacing, maybe even a slight smile on his face. But He will inevitably come to that point on the ledger where you know He will look up from the books and stare straight into you eyes. They will cloud over with emotion, with compassion, with love and without a word He will look into your soul. You know it, it is coming. What will you do? What will you say?

Nerves begin to twitch, tears begin to well up in your eyes and you ask yourself a million questions. Why couldn’t I have been a better person, why did I have to snap at my wife, why did I have to cut short the conversation of my 5 year old? Did it really make a difference that I didn’t say I was sorry to someone that hurt me – they’re not talking to me anyway…and on and on and on.

As you slowly lift your eyes, you see the pain in your Father’s face, the pain of knowing that your pain is also real, it is palpable.  Both of you look into each others eyes and you feel, you hear, you sense what the other one is thinking, what each is saying from their hearts. And you hang your head, for you know that there are so many things that seemed so important and you just knew you were right, and now, in the face of Almighty, are not really so important now. There are so many things you would do differently. Maybe you could have a second chance, you ask softly?

And the Master pauses, and sighs deeply, and you are overwhelmed with relief and gratitude – there are 10 more days that He has given to mankind to make it right! Ten More Days!  Ten more days, not to get it ‘perfect‘ … but just to be a much as you can be!!

Think about that  …. ten more days!

Tonight begins the first day of the DAYS OF AWE


When we usher in Yom Teruah, just before sunset tonight, we light candles and we say a blessing:

“Blessed Are You, O G-d, King of the Universe, who sanctified us with Your commandments and commanded us to light the flame of the day of remembering.”

One of the themes of Yom Teruah is that is a ‘day of remembering’. A day in which the Holy One reviews our ledgers and connects with us in a way not possible throughout the rest of the year. He is a God of order. He sent us here with a job to accomplish – have we done that?

Have we realized our Master’s plan in our lives?

As the sun goes down, the shofar will be blown – it is blown to awaken us from our slumber! We need to be reminded of why we are here, that each of us play an important part in tikkun haloam – the repair of the world to come. It is about restoration.

So as we take a deep breath and exhale into the shofar – petition the King to inscribe you in the Book of Life – not for our sake – for we fail at every turn, but for HIS! For His Glory to be shown here on earth!  We have been given the opportunity to help rebuild the kingdom here on earth and we have ten days in which to do it before the books are closed.

Awaken oh man, oh woman, AWAKEN and begin to repair!



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