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As with any ‘last day’ there is always a little bit of melancholy that begins to pervade the exhilaration that once filled the air. This morning, is one of those mornings. Time is slipping away from the week long festival that our Holy Father, our Creator set in place from the beginning of time for us to reconnect with all that He has done for us. It is a time set apart for those that follow  Him to dance freely, laugh abundantly and wrap themselves in joy for eight whole days! And today, it is slipping away no matter how tightly I grasp at those beautiful memories.

This year, this Sukkot, this time to reconnect to the Holy One and reconsider the ‘blueprint of mankind’ for the past, present and future that He has graciously given through His seven Feast Days, I am left with such awe at His love. Understanding that each Feast Day of the LORD, which He put in place in the beginning of His Word, was designed to help guide us from the beginning to the end of the ages. Sukkot is the last of the Feast Days. It is an ‘ending’ and yet a ‘beginning’.  It represents the end of  the ages and on the 8th day after the Feast, called ‘the Last Great Day’, a new age, a new realm, a 1,000 year reign will one day begin. What a glorious way for our loving Father to share with us His desire for us to know what will happen!

And this year, another year that was not the norm nor what I would expect, was still one filled with sweet memories that will forever be etched in my heart and soul. My parents, Ron & Veronica, spent the entire week with us and joined us as we celebrated each night, be it here in our home Sukkah or down the road at our dear friends the Styers, who hosted several nights. New friends, old friends and friends in between were greeted and memories exchanged of various other feast days as well as conversations ranging from world problems to keeping ants out of the house! Such a wonderful time.

While there were heart strings that were tugged on as I watched the little ones running around having such a fantastic time, missing my own grand children and other family members, however,being able to spend so much quality time with my parents and my son, Jason was a blessing that I will treasure for a long, long time.

Next year, may we ALL be sitting around a bonfire in Jerusalem – the city of our KING!


  1. 10-30-2016

    I’m just now seeing this post & all of these pictures. It really was an awfully special holiday season this year. Different, for sure…some important folks were missing…but we got to reconnect with friends, some of whom we haven’t seen in years. We were tremendously blessed to be surrounded by so much warmth. We felt the presence of God in the friendships & relationships like never before. We love & appreciate you & your family so much! Thank you for everything!

    • 10-30-2016

      Yes, Jessica – we, too, felt the presence of the Holy One and the warmth of so many friends and family! And we THANK YOU for your wonderful hospitality, your open house and Terry’s great bonfire … but most of all for your friendship! True friends are hard to find and we value those that the Father has blessed us with.

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