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Get ready!

Lech Lecha Torah : Genesis 12:1-17:27| Prophets : Isaiah 40:27-41:16| Gospel : John 8:51-58

The third reading from the book of Genesis is named Lech Lecha (לך לך). This Hebew term, Lech Lecha means “go forth.” The first verse says, “Now the LORD said to Abram, ‘Go forth (lech lecha לך לך) from your country.'” This reading Lech Lecha introduces Abraham and relates to us the story of his pilgrimage as he strives to know his God.

There is so much in this weeks reading … and I’ve pulled together from some of the great highlights. Just click on each title to read the article:

Abraham Religion Faith Christianity  - JaymzArt / Pixabay

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