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Sometimes….life gives you lemons. My grandmother used to say that…and then I heard my mother say it…now I say it.

Life gives you lemons.

So…make lemonade.

Well, I’ve tried…but the lemonade still tastes bitter. What to do? Add more sweetener? Throw it out and start over? Check the lemons and see if they were rotten in the first place? Who knows. I certainly don’t.

However, with a bit of reflection and discernment, it seems that there have always been ‘lemons’ hanging on my tree – from as far back as I can remember. Searching through the cobwebs of my embattled memories, various lemons pop to the surface. For instance, that lemony memory back when I was a young’un where someone stole my beautiful white pet rabbit from its cage in our garage and put oil or something on it that caused it to lose all its hair and then stuck it in my mailbox. How cruel could someone be? How could they hate me so much as to hurt a pet bunny? I cried for days as I tried to heal it’s burns and comfort him. All to no avail, if I remember correctly. No amount of sugar would sweeten that lemon!

And there are countless lemon episodes that migrate to the surface cells that overwhelm me, disgust me, chasten me or just hurt beyond belief. Adding more sugar to the mix doesn’t help one iota. So, what to do with those bitter drinks? You tell me.

Yeah, I know, make lemonade………..and add a bit of chocolate!


  1. 8-1-2019

    You know sometimes it’s that little bit of chocolate that gets you through the lemons in this life. Next life will be all chocolate!!!! Happy Days!!!

    • 8-2-2019

      I can certainly agree with that Rett!

  2. 8-2-2019

    Dear Sister,
    My heart goes out too you . I know I experienced this many of times in my life too, so much hurt and pain but , Holy Spirit gives me gently to remind me to look at His word and promises heal these wounds to praise victory on the cross. In Scripture 1Cortinthians 13 only His Love and mercy can cover other hurts and all our hurts. Then He show me Matthew 11:25 to take His yoke on my shoulders because it is humble and gentle and would find everyday it would be rest for my soul . I found these scriptures healing no more bitterness but joy came and love and His light starts pouring out blessing over every sin that others hurt me and I have hurt them . So I surrender everything and now call it Beautifully Broken just like Jesus longsuffer for me and you . Now I give thanks for Love and Praise Him our of every storm . Shabbat Shalom John 14:27 was a revelation that Jesus gives to set us all free in His perfect Shalom , His perfect Love ❤️ amen love u beloved Daughter of the King

    • 8-2-2019

      Ahhh….you have spoken so wisely! Yes! we are ALL broke and we live in a broke world….and only HIS mercy, HIS grace, HIS love will carry us through so that we don’t become embittered in the battle! we have all hurt people and we have all been hurt by people….but as long as we can draw HIS breath into our lungs, than we can exhale one more time. Thank you dear daughter of the Most High God!
      Shabbat Shalom!

  3. 8-2-2019

    Hi Pam
    Thank you for sharing

    I agree , we all have lemons in our life Sometimes we wonder how much more can we handle. Praise Yahovah who is always with us to give us the strength we need. When Yeshua returns, what we know & live now will be behind us.

    God bless you & keep you!

    Shabbat Shalom & hugs


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