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Sometimes our problems seem to overwhelm us, and wrap us in a tangled web of emotional duress. Sometimes the inner voices begin to argue with each other and chatter endlessly until the ‘you‘ inside wants to scream STOP! And sometimes, you retreat to somewhere deep within and block everything out refusing to come out and face the situation.

Yep..that’s kinda where I’ve been for the last 2 weeks….going from one end of the field to another and then back to number one. But a little bird reminded me of who I am. You heard me … a little bird.

She arrived yesterday for the first time. At first I just smiled at her clumsiness, as I enjoy watching the songbirds sit on a little corner table where I’ve concocted a makeshift bird feeder. But as I watched her a little closer, I noticed that one of her legs was hanging useless and yet she maneuvered brilliantly on that one good fragile leg. My eyes were transfixed on her ability to FOCUS on what needed to be accomplished in the moment! She operated in the NOW. She was going about her daily business – no matter what. She looked healthy, despite this being one of the colder months in a long time, and she seemingly paid no attention to the rest of her kin who sported two legs. She got around just fine. Then … she turned and looked thru the glass – straight at me – and I heard her voiceYOU got this!

It took a while to let all this sink in….and yet it seemed like a nanosecond in time. The Holy One speaks to me the clearest through His tapestry outside. The rustle of leaves, the orchestra of the woods and all that goes on outside rather than from the confines of these inside 4 walls.  But especially through animals. And this little redbird spoke clearly and vibrantly.

What I had been wrestling with was a situation from the past which had now managed to overtake and disrupt my serenity. The scab on the sore spot kept getting ripped off by the same thorn.  Picking up residue from the past wounds and then gathering steam from projecting into the future scenarios of what could happen, it simply overran me! And there you have it – the perfect storm for chaos and meltdown.

And then  …….  that little one legged, puffed out redbird peered at me…and brought me back to the ‘center‘. This is where I want to live – right here, in the NOW. Not in the past, which has escaped my control and now lies behind me, nor in the future, wrestling with various scenarios of what could be accomplished. No!! I want to live in the NOW, right NOW, and let the past go, and let the future be.

I got this!

Thank you little redbird for bringing the words of life back into mine. Thank you.


  1. 2-3-2018

    Thank you! This is applicable to my life right now.

  2. 2-4-2018

    I can relate! I too have let the past rob me of the now. Yet each moment of each day has the potential for life. His abundant life, filled with all the small miracles of His hand around us. Like your sweet little bird friend. Thanks for reminding me!! Now I will go and savor the moments of this day.

    • 2-5-2018

      You’re welcome Wendy – yes we let the past AND the future rob us of the NOW! Let us remind each other of that as often as we can and that alone will help rebuild the body! 🙂

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