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Yes, that’s what I always tell people when they ask me ‘how do I do this’ or ‘how do I do that’ when referring to first coming into an understanding of the biblical roots of their faith (or anything else).

“It’s a journey…..take time to B.R.E.A.T.H.E.”

And it’s a phrase that I I believe in. But I have realized that everything is a journey – absolutely everything. Every step we take, every breath we draw – it is all about the journey. We are here for a purpose, even when that purpose continuously eludes us.

Today is one of those days. It is one of those days when I have to take a step back, and draw in deeply as a healing balm, the words I share with others.

It’s a journey…take time to breathe.

The journey that I am on, that you are on, no matter the circumstances or situation, is one that you are qualified to fulfill. Even if you don’t think you can go one step further. But…you can. Just breathe. Deep, belly filling, lung expanding breaths. In….Out….In…..Out. Yes, you, can. Just breathe!

The journey for me is different than the journey for you – but in the end – they are all the same. That journey leads us to the person we are on our way to becoming. And it takes a life-time until we are who we are. That journey makes us who we are made to be. And we are living examples to all those around us. So just keep going forward.

As I reflect on this sometimes arduous journey, there are many insanely beautiful and serene moments; and then there are horrifying and devastating  chunks of time worth burying somewhere. But all of them….belong to me. And as my mind skips across the waves of memories, banging against the shore of reality, another unique opportunity arises. And I breathe deeply.

Tonight is the first night of the Feast of Dedication, the Feast of Hanukah. Pondering the moment of whether to light that first candle in the emptiness of my home only lasts a few seconds of indecisiveness. The answer is an overwhelming YES! And so it begins.

Yeshua/Jesus made it a point to visit the temple during this 8 day festival of rededication (John 10:22–39). Was he contemplating what was to come? Was he thinking of the cross he was to bear? Was he rededicating his life to his God? Possibly all of that and more. Can I do less? I think not.

So tonight, as I light that first candle in the emptiness of my abode and ponder on all that this journey has entailed, I, too, will rededicate my life to my God, my King, the Holy One of Israel. I will strive to keep walking forward and doing all that I know how to do to because I love Him. This rededication is always a new beginning … a turning over … a promise of things to come. The meaning of this period of time when my Messiah was conceived (feast of LIGHTS) now hits home….more than ever before.

May this time be a wondrous time for you as well. May the LIGHT of the world brighten and lighten your journey so that the path you choose is the one that brings you ever closer to his embrace.

Blessings and Shalom!

and Happy Hanukah!


  1. 12-3-2018

    Love it–

  2. 12-5-2018

    I’m in a different but same space with you my dear dear sister. For so many reasons this years first candle was a decision unlike any other year previous. It feels like I’m stepping into a strange world I could never imagine. I suppose we always are but I’ve just never thought about it like that before. We truly do not know what tomorrow brings. Like a little child, all we can do is embrace the next little bit of today and then the next and the next. Every moment is new and necessary not just for you and me, but for the entire body that wouldn’t become what Messiah died for any other way. Our Master was conceived on earth in love at this very season.
    The corner stone for the Temple in the New Jerusalem was laid. Each year of our journey prepares us to be a living stone that fits perfectly in the wall that makes up that Temple which will be assembled all at once in the New Jerusalem in the proper season. Until then we’re being hewn off sight so that the clamor and violence done to us is left to the place it all happened along with all the pain the tears. We submit to the loving hand of the builder who knows what it takes to fit us because we’ve been excepted into the holy and Beloved and every moment of our life and the people who shaped it is deemed holy.

    • 12-5-2018

      What a wonderful and beautiful way to express this!

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