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Interesting how some people consistently speak to me where ‘I’m at’. “Today’s Word” by Skip Moen is one of those that the Holy One has placed into my life. In fact, that word for the day usually comes as a confirmation about something that the Holy One is already been edgespeaking into my life. Today, the word Skip sent to my inbox (you can read it by clicking here) was titled “Living on the Edge”. He asked each reader to take a fearless assessment of who they are. He encouraged the reader to look in the proverbial mirror and ask oneself the real questions – don’t pretend – ask yourself  ‘Are you where you want to be in your walk with the Holy One? Is your present experience filled with the joy of the Lord? Are you discovering His contentment? Do you feel His embrace?’ Those are the questions, and the answer you give is far too serious a matter to ignore even one more day!

So go ahead, I’ll wait, go look in the mirror. I will too. Ask yourself the real questions. What was your answer? Did you answer honestly? Did you hear those words come out of your mouth from somewhere deep within saying….‘I’m not sure,” or “No, I’m not”….then stand up and shout! Praise His holy Name! We are standing at the edge – and we can now begin! (And like Skip reiterated – if you answered ‘yes’ .. then read no further – you are a spiritual giant and have never been close to the edge – we salute you – go back to living and doing what you do.)

As for me… I immediately answered ‘No, I’m not’. Even though where I am ‘at‘ today is so much better than where I was ‘at‘ a year ago, or even 6 months ago – it is still not the ‘place‘ where I long to be. I long to arrive at a place of continually feeling the embrace of my King, my bridegroom, my Messiah. I desire to be at a place of trusting in Him explicitly, no matter what is going on around me, or who is saying what. But I’m not a spiritual giant – I’m just one more broken vessel and the pathway of the journey sometimes get lost in the fog because of  the fractured spectacles. But at least I found the edge and now it’s time to turn around (in Hebrew that’s teshuvah), to return back to the garden where He resides.

Skip’s word for the day came on the heels of someone who told me just yesterday that they see nothing different in me – not now – not for ten years back – that I’m just the same. They suggested that I wear a Purim mask and that I’m not who I appear to be. That I’m a fake. As I visually watched those sharp daggers shoot forth, expecting their ragged edges to tear and rip my heart apart, something strange  and very unexpected happened. The firey darts seemed to simply evaporate before my eyes – right before they were to sink deep into my heart. It was a very strange experience.  But maybe, just maybe I am not the same. Before, when fiery darts came my way, I would have immediately wielded my tarnished shield and lashed back out with my own fiery darts. This time, I was able to step back, take a deep and controlled breath, and examine each accusation – the strength came to measure those words, roll them around, turn them over and over and ask the Holy One if there be any truth to them and if so, to show me HIS TRUTH and walk me back to where He wants me to be.

And of course He is there – He is always there …. and He answers … He always answers if I’m willing to listen. He usually takes my hand and walks me back to where I have missed the mark – a little here and a little there – and then back over here again. Today, however, there is a difference, like a settling, a knowing, a feeling of His embrace, His love, His approval. It is as if I feel Him take my hand and join me, smiling, as he walks back with me…somehow he shows me the ‘choices’, not saying ‘this is good‘ or ‘this is bad‘ – no – He simply opens my eyes to the possibilities of the results of each choice. No condemnation, no accusations, just the truth of the matter depending on the choice. What a wonderful lesson! What a teaching experience! What a learning experience!! Imparting wisdom in a way that only He can impart.

Soaking in His never-ending love I pick myself up and wipe away the tears, dust myself off and begin all over again. Nope, I’m not perfect…never going to be…and yep…I’ll blow it again…got this flesh I’m dealing with….but there is comfort in the knowledge that He is always there…waiting…and willing to take my hand and walk back with me. How could a person who knows they are forever going to disappoint others, a person who knows they sin and fall short each and every day….be so blessed to have the touch of the Creator ready to grasp her flailing hand? It simply never ceases to amaze me.

Yes, as the song goes, He loves me, He embraces me and He walks with me. I am content knowing that He walks beside me on this journey called life. A journey of learning how to wisely use the characteristics and the attributes that He, Himself, gave to me and learn how to use them according to His plan (instead of my own!)…yes, that is the answer. Learning HOW to quickly walk back when you find yourself at the edge and to consistently practice choosing wisely…ahh…that is still the question. Maybe it’s as simple as never letting go of His Hand!

Thank you Skip …. for walking on that journey with so many of us and leading by example. Let’s all reach up and take His Hand.


And as a side note, another word for the day that gives me a direction in which to walk….came from Bill Bullock of ‘The Rabbi’s Son’: He said:

Wisdom is not given you from the Creator in order that you may see and complain about what is wrong with people, scenarios, and situations in this world. Wisdom is instead given you that you may see and draw out the potential and possibilities for redemption in every person, every scenario, and every situation He brings into your sphere of influence.

Wisdom is not bestowed upon you from heaven in order that you may feel superior and speak critically, but that you may share – and release on earth – the Creator’s great hope for and joy over His Creation.

Wisdom is not bestowed upon you from Heaven in order that you may judge, but that you may love.

Let me seek wisdom Abba, so that potential and possibilities for redemption are revealed in each and every person that you put on the pathway of my journey. Let me stop judging….and simply love.

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