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So…mid week…always a stopping point for me…always a time to take a breath…maybe some of you will remember that old phrase – “hump day”. Well, it’s here – hump day. It’s one of those days when you really don’t want to do anything, much less do any work around the house. But, spoiler alert – stuff still needs to get accomplished!

So….get up and get going, Pamela! Ummmm….in a minute…one more cup of coffee! Then…maybe. Oh and did I mention that it’s like 75degrees on a DECEMBER 13!!! WHAT? No, I don’t believe in climate whatever it is.

But, seriously, I feel like something is round the corner…..guess I’ll just have to keep my eyes open and have another cup of coffee! Let’s take a turn of thoughts – sometimes, I like to see what the Torah portion has to say when I’m doing a bit of pondering….so….

Let’s look at  Genesis 47

Portion Summary

This is the last reading from the book of Genesis. In Hebrew it is called Vayechi. Vayechi means and he lived.” The first verse is where it gets its name. The title comes from the first verse which says, “Jacob lived in the land of Egypt seventeen years” (Genesis 47:28). In this reading, Jacob is preparing for his death and is securing the double portion of inheritance for his son, Joseph. Jacob then blesses his sons with various prophetic blessings.  And here we end the book of Genesis with the death of Jacob, followed shortly by the death of Joseph and a promise of redemption from Egypt.

Mmmm… so… let’s pick this apart. Jacob lives. Pamela lives. Jacob blesses his sons. Pamela blesses her sons. Death of Jacob.

I think we’ll stop there for the time being…..

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