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Well, if you are from Missouri, there’s no need to explain. If you’re not …. oh my! Yesterday it was beautiful, about 75deg with no humidity….today it is almost 90 and sweltering. It’s an oven. Somehow, Spring missed this state and we now are in full fledged summer heat. In autumn, they call it Indian Summer…. Even the dog won’t stay out more than 10 minutes!

But, all that being said, it’s good to be alive – no matter where I’m at! Everyone I think should be at that place ~ glad to be alive no matter what the circumstances. Sometimes, I admit, it may be difficult to admit that if the situation one is experiencing is stressful, hurtful, or disastrous it can be extremely difficult to see the goodness all around you. And that’s OK. Did you hear me? THAT’S OK!

Yes, it is. It is part of being human – not super-human. Each one of us walking around in this proverbial earth suit has emotions built into the nerve endings. Those emotional nerve endings, when struck by a fiery attack, will pierce and ignite those hot wires within your fleshly suit. Sometimes your throat will tighten as the heart clenches in pain and your stomach feels as if a bowling ball slammed into it. Sometimes the walls go up and you shut down. Sometimes you are just left with your mouth open and your heart on the floor. Those emotions respond in a real and tangible way. And no one is excluded from those flying arrows. However, it sometimes hurts more to yank those arrows out than to just walk around with them embedded in your heart.

So what does one do if one is walking around with piercing arrows that are dug into that emotional psyche? First of all, examine the wound, it is time to face the problem and do some surgery.

Objectively, dispassionately, and emotionless surgery.

It may take a while to do that, but when you’re ready, that wound will speak volumes to you if you choose to listen. Hear the experience that caused that fiery dart to be slung. See the reaction you had when first struck. Believe that there is something to learn from being hit, extracting the dart, and cleansing the wound. But only if you are willing to examine all the various sides of the experience.

There are real-life lessons one can learn when someone disparages, dismisses, baits you into a conflict, hurts your feelings, dishonors, disrespects, rejects or offends you. But being the emotionalist and using a knee-jerk reactionary tactic to ‘defend’ yourself only sinks you into a deeper mire with the offender. Then it becomes a full out war. No one in their right mind wants that! So how do you learn a life-lesson from such an experience? It’s truly very simple.

There are several ways to distance yourself from the barrage of emotions that automatically begin to overwhelm you, but the easiest one is to train yourself to just breathe. Yes, that’s correct – BREATHE and breathe deeply .. over and over and over until the emotions have time to ‘settle’.

Keep breathing until you feel yourself physical, mentally and emotionally detach yourself from the situation and are able to ‘view’ it from a safe place. Then, you can actually ‘look’ at what happened from a more adult and sane mind, instead of jumping into the fray and throwing punches yourself. If you can do that (and it may take a time or two to just remember to breathe!) you will begin to see that most issues that arise really aren’t worth your time. And your time is precious.

Try it …. next time ~ B R E A T H E and then see what happens.

Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger – James 1:19


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