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or is it Tuesday…no! it’s already WEDNESDAY!!! My how time flies…..especially when you can ‘feel’ spring in the air. Yes, I said it out loud…spring is in the air and my hands are itching to dig in the dirt, my spirit is starting to lift and even the air is starting to smell infused with the promise of the scent of budding flowers. Ok, that may be pushing it a bit.

But while it was almost 85 degrees two days ago, it is now in the 40’s….such is the day to day changes in Missouri. In fact, it has just begun to bless us with a few raindrops to settle the leaf burning we did the other day, and the kiss the newly blessed walkway from the back deck to the greenhouse. The raindrops on the skylight is music to my ears….it’s soothing….and it brings to mind emerging life.

Emerging life….every year, right on schedule the sun gives us longer rays and the earth responds in like kind…new life begins to burst forth and heed the call of the signs that the Holy One put in place in the beginning. And one of those signs in the spring is His most set-apart and first of His Feast Days – Passover! If you have not ever celebrated or understood a little bit about this holy day that the Creator of Heaven and Earth claimed as His, then you are missing a good deal of information in your Christian walk. Let me share a bit….

passoverAbout 30 years ago I began searching for ‘truth’. The status quo just didn’t answer my questions any more, and the more I asked, the more I got rebuked. Being in the Catholic church, the priest told me that I simply could not understand the bible and to stop trying.  He said to trust the church because they were set in place by the Almighty Himself. That worked for a little while…a very little while. Because once you start asking questions……well, the answers start coming in droves! First the radio, then others coming into your walk….and suddenly – you can not stay silent any longer! You must find out the answers!

Well, Passover is one of those days that gave me the signpost I needed that pointed to truth. It started my journey.

Initially, I went to hear a preacher at an Assembly of God church at the request of my mother. What happened after that was total transformation in my thinking and from that moment on I began to devour the words of the book that had just been a coffee table ornament up to that point. One thing led to another and His Feast Days (not the traditions of men) became as important to me as breathing. These were days HE gave to HIS children – and I am one of His children. If you follow the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, if you are a believer in the One true God and His son – then you are too. And these wonderful, prophetic Feast Days are yours to enjoy as well! We are grafted in to the House of Israel!

So, for the next few weeks, we’ll go into a few of the beautiful and wonderful insights that were uncovered during my turning back the pages and reading the words that were, for so long, kept hidden. It’s a wonderful journey!

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