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The Days of Awe have reached their midpoint. There are only five of them left. Five evenings. Five mornings. Five days.

This sixth Day of Awe is dedicated to reconnecting the Awestruck Heart with the sixth Prophetic Empowerment of our Bridegroom King. This empowerment is usually translated from the Hebrew to English as ‘You will not kill’ or ‘You will not commit murder’.

But the prophetic empowerment was not given in English. It was given in Hebrew, and the Hebrew verb used by the Holy One is so much deeper than the English verbs ‘kill’ or ‘murder’ could ever express.

The actual words of empowerment used by the Creator of the Universe were:

לֹא תִּרְצָֽח’ You will not dash into pieces/break/shatter

We are empowered by the Creator’s Breath and Words to act on earth at all times as His agents, ambassadors, and carriers of His Kingdom. That means we are to walk in, carry, exude, and spread, LIFE, WHOLENESS, WELLNESS, and SHALOM.

What an awesome privilege. What an amazing calling. What a glorious mission. To break people or things into pieces – to wound, or fracture, or fragment them, or cause them to enter the realm of death or that which leads or pertains to it – whether with negative or judgmental attitudes, with cutting words of accusation, slander, or disapproval, or with physical aggression – is completely inconsistent with our calling and mission. By His ‘Lo Titzach’ Empowerment, we are provided with all we need to keep from doing such things.

There is, of course, another kingdom on earth. The agenda of that other kingdom is the mirror image of the Holy One’s agenda. While we are called, commissioned and empowered to walk in, carry, exude, and spread LIFE, WHOLENESS, WELLNESS, and SHALOM, those who surrender their thoughts, attitudes, speech, and actions to the agenda of the other kingdom walk in, carry, exude, and spread the opposite of such things – promoting DEATH instead of life, FRAGMENTATION instead of wholeness, DISEASE instead of wellness, and STRESS instead of shalom.

So, it is time to consider ourselves. Of which kingdom are we?

Do we focus our thoughts, emotions, speech, and conduct on the things that pertain to life, and wholeness [in ourselves and others], wellness [in ourselves and others] – or are we like bulls in a china shop, breaking things and wounding people everywhere we turn?

In the Sermon on the Mount Yeshua taught that lo titzach means much, much more than ‘do not commit murder’. Matthew 5:22. It had been so from the beginning; it will be until the end. Lo Tirtzach is a forever empowerment.

As Yeshua plainly taught, lo tirtzach means it is inconsistent with our redeemed identities and mission as His agents of LIFE, WHOLENESS, WELLNESS and SHALOM to break or wound or cause fragmentation or confusion in other people in any of three ways:

1. exhibiting angry attitudes toward them [Yeshua called it ‘being angry with your brother’, or
2. expressing negative opinions toward them or applying negative labels to them [example: saying to our brother ‘Raca’], or
3. making, believing, or repeating accusations or critical judgments toward them [example: saying ‘You Fool!’]

All the world gets this, it seems, except us. The world fully understands ‘looks that kill’, the ‘cutting tongue’, and ‘words that maim’. Until we take responsibility for our thoughts, our facial expressions and body language, our words, and our behavior toward others – surrendering all of them to the Holy One’s ‘lo tirtzcach’ empowerment and the Breath of Life, Wholeness, Wellness, and Shalom He placed in us – we will continue behaving like bulls in a china shop.

Our spouses will continue to be dashed into pieces by our negative attitudes, opinions, snide comments, opinions, accusations, and criticisms.

Our children will continue to be shattered internally by our anger, our disapproval, our harsh words, and our destructive labels.

Our interactions in the marketplace will continue to bear the stench of death and fragmentation.

Our homes will continue to be urban combat zones, where people get wounded and learn to wound others just to survive, instead of the oases of shalom they are supposed to be.

Beloved, these things ought not be so. We have been given the precious gifts of LIFE, WHOLENESS, WELLNESS, and SHALOM to pass on to others. Our attitudes, opinions, thoughts, nonverbal communications, words, and behaviors must not be allowed to spread death, woundedness, and toxicity. That is the work of the other kingdom – and there is more than enough of it in the world already.

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