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This morning I saw this posted on Facebook and it got me to thinking…..who are those ‘right‘ ones anyway? Could it be that someone Outside of Time places people in your path, in front of you, behind you and all around you for specific reasons? Could it be that those people who come and go are simply there for you to learn how to see more clearly, walk a little straighter, bend a little easier? Maybe they are angels in disguise, or your ‘other‘ self showing you who you really are….not sure. All I know for sure is the ones that actually stay….tend to be few.   And maybe that’s the way it should be….remember the old saying two is company and three is a crowd? Mmmmm…might be true.


I do pray and hope and desire to be one of those that if our paths have intertwined, that there was a positive influence made in some way. If our paths have indeed crossed, I hope that a smile is now teasing at your lips, that warm memories of good times sneak up from behind and that something positive was passed between the two of us. If, perhaps, a tinge of regret rears its head instead, rather than dwell on that simply pray that the One Outside of Time will miraculously unravel the real reason He intended for that fleeting moment. Everything is a test. Study hard.


  1. 11-4-2016

    So true, sister Pam.
    Life is one BIG Test.
    I’m reading the book, The universal Garden of Emunah, by Rabbi Shalom Arush.
    An excellent read that addresses much of life’s Tests!
    Be blessed for being such a blessing.
    HaShem be with the Family.
    Do miss Jim, but Yahweh has him doing HIS work!
    No accidents in His Divine Plans!

  2. 11-4-2016

    Will have to heck out that book… thank you for your comments and taking time to chat with me!

  3. 11-5-2016

    This is beautiful PAM an I have thought on this very thing many times! Yes many cherished memories and
    An yes a smile indeed crossed my face?. Tho the miles separate an life’s tests keep a silence of sorts…deeper things of hearts an souls shared between those true friends will always bring unity again when seemeth best unto
    Our Orchestrater of all things, Yehusha!!! Bless you my “right” friend!

    • 11-9-2016

      Blessings to you Lynn!

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