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One of my favorite go-to places is the magazine “Mother Earth Living” – now for those of you that don’t like that mag, chill out – I don’t endorse everything in it either – but it is good for a few things – and here’s one of them:

Natural Pain Relief for Arthritis

More than 27 million Americans suffer from arthritis; osteoarthritis is the most common type. This degenerative joint disease is characterized by stiffness, loss of movement, and pain caused by inflammation and a breakdown of cartilage around joints, which results in bones scraping against each other. Although arthritis can’t be cured, herbal and home remedies can help reduce the inflammation, stiffness and pain associated with this disease.

Bromelain: Derived from pineapple, this enzyme fights the compounds that cause pain and inflammation. Bromelain may also break down proteins that hinder blood circulation and cause blood clots, which can help relieve pain. A common dose is 500 milligrams (mg) three times a day between meals.

Capsaicin: Capsaicin creams won’t prevent or restore lost cartilage, but they can help reduce pain. Found in cayenne peppers, this compound interferes with transmission of pain signals between brain and body. Pain relief usually occurs within 14 days of beginning application but may take as long as six weeks. Your physician can advise which concentration is best for you—nonprescription topical products contain 0.025 percent to 0.075 percent capsaicin, but ointments with higher concentrations are available with a prescription.

Devil’s claw: This herb from southern Africa is prized for its anti-inflammatory properties. Early in the 20th century, devil’s claw was introduced into German phytomedicinal practice, where it is primarily valued for reducing arthritis inflammation and pain. Today, the popularity of devil’s claw as a medicine has put it at risk of extinction, so purchase the herb from a sustainable source. A common recommendation for dosage is 1,500 to 2,500 mg of powdered herb or 1 to 2 milliliters of the tinctured herb three times a day.

Fish oil: The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil supplements may help reduce joint inflammation. Choose a supplement with at least 30 percent EPA/DHA. For rheumatoid arthritis, aim for up to 2.6 grams twice daily. (Although flax seed oil is a common alternative, it doesn’t provide the same benefits.)

Ginger: Ginger decreases pain and inflammation. In one study, 250 mg of ginger extract taken four times a day diminished pain from knee osteoarthritis after three months of use.

Glucosamine sulfate: Found naturally in the fluid around joints, glucosamine sulfate can help prevent the breakdown of cartilage and fluid around joints and rebuild lost cartilage. Research has shown glucosamine sulfate to effectively treat osteoarthritis, especially of the knee. Take 1,500 mg daily.

Turmeric: The curcumin in turmeric contains potent anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce joint pain and swelling. Curcumin is often combined with bromelain or piperine (found in peppers) to help increase its absorption by the body. Two long-term studies show that a curcumin-phosphatidylcholine complex (Meriva) improves arthritis symptoms and reduces blood levels of inflammatory chemicals.





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