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While I was digging into some briefcases of my late husband’s looking for last year’s tax return….oh figuring things out is SO difficult, I ran into a couple of items that lifted my spirits and gave me the encouragement to keep going forward. Wanted to share it with you….these are from 1992, the year I was blessed to go to Israel for the first of several trips. Can not believe it has been that long!

The local newspaper in St. Charles, Missouri came out to ‘interview’ me and ask all kind of questions on why I was ‘building bridges’ –


And this was my first try at a ‘newsletter’ …. it was on a dot matrix printer … so many of you will know how tedious and how old this really is! My! We’ve come a LOOOONG way! Thank you mom for keeping ‘all my stuff’!


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  1. 3-22-2019

    How neat that you still have the newsletter. Thank you for sharing.

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