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Today marks a day that will ever be etched in my heart…..and in everything I do, say and think.

Jason Scott Staley

11-7-75 ~ 09-24-17

He came into this world quietly, and slipped out of this world just as quietly…without a word to anyone. His passing has left one of the biggest holes in a mother’s heart and it will never be filled quite like that again. Jason was the happiest baby I’ve ever held, always smiling, cooing and looking for approval. As a toddler, he loved climbing on my lap and hugging me with those chubby little arms and kissing my face over and over while giggling uncontrollably. He truly was a treasure. It’s as if it were yesterday…and yet so long ago.

Growing up there were very few ‘problems’ – at least none that we were aware of, as he was just always happy, complacent and easy-going. Then of course came the teenage years and girls. He fell in love with his first girlfriend and was determined to do everything he could to make her his. While the marriage went through tremendous heartaches and did not last, two beautiful and loving daughters were brought into this world and we are forever grateful for those two girls ~ Kenzie & Peyton. They are bright, sweet and help ease the pain of the loss of our son.

Jay never recovered from that lost love ~ never. He faltered and sought refuge within himself, hiding the pain and confusion behind a steel mask. His happy face rarely found its way out, and my heart broke for him in those latter years.

While he was a quiet, sensitive young man, he was also a very deep and intellegent soul ~ and when he spoke ~ one listened. He and I had the most amazing conversations about everything from the twilight zone, to reincarnation, to string theory to who the Creator was. His insight on many of the scripture verses just left me speechless.

So, today, as I sit here reflecting on the beautiful young man that graced this earth for almost 42 years and thanking my King for allowing him to come into my life, I mark his passing.

You are always missed baby….wait for me with your dad…. love, mom



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