Since our boys are grown and our grandkids don’t visit as often as we would like anymore, our two 4 Legged friends keep us busy and on our toes…here’s a few shots of Moriah, our old lady (A German plush coated German Shepherd) and our other oldie but goodie, Benson ~ our doxie. Both are pushing their limits at 15 and 16, but they are both still in good health except for a little arthritis. Both have been through various homes with us … and have grown up taking care of all 8 of our grand daughters. Moriah is very protective of all the girls, and when she was younger and could get around a bit easier, she would herd them all when they separated out in the yard, and would not allow any other dog get between her and them. She is the best dog we have ever owned, and her temperament is what every dog owner dreams of. Enjoy a few pics of our buds.

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