Time to focus…

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Events of the past couple of years have seemed to follow me like a black cloud…and with the end of the year fast approaching, those black clouds burst into torrents of rain every once in awhile. But…. while my heart is heavy with the date of September 24th looming like a sledgehammer ready to fall, that is NOT what my ‘bluebird gone’ would want. He would chide me, I’m sure, for sinking into a pity party and would remind me to lift up my face to the heavens and remember just WHO he is hanging out with! Jason would...

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Chanukah….Day 3 Reflections

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Yes, it is only Day 3 of the Festival of Lights….another day to ‘see’ and ‘do’. Reflection of oneself can sometimes be difficult, sometimes not so pretty, sometimes a bit melancholy. And while I’m trying to focus on personal habits and nuances that need a bit tweaking in my own life, it seems that today has a  mind of its own. As our home settles back down after a whirlwind Chanukah party, toys picked up, bits of food rubbed free from the carpeting and tables and chairs put back in place, memories start...

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Hanukkah musings…..

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It’s true – Hanukkah or Chanukah or however you want to spell it, is simply, in the Hebrew mindset, a FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS! It is not a commandment or appointed gathering, but it is a celebration of freedom over tyranny and oppression. And, it surely is a great excuse to get the family and friends together, eat fried food (love those latkes!), play dreidel and enjoy holiday traditions. Time for you to tell the story of how a few rag-tag believers had victory over the strongest of enemies – and make it personal! When...

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November 7, 2017

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Well, today is my youngest son’s 42nd birthday. He is not here. At least not in this time realm. But he is still ‘with us’ – everything we hear, see and feel somehow touches the essence of who he really was … how the God we serve ‘sees’ him. That is how I see him now… perfected … waiting to be crowned for his tender and loving spirit … acknowledged for his desire to rise above the tribulations of his short life … and most of all for his heart after the ways of his King. Like...

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Mercy Me….Even If….

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Mercy me….Even If…. The words of this song….have captured my heart and wrapped it’s message into my life. From the heartache of being estranged from our oldest son and family, to the separation of his time away now, to the passing of my youngest son…. ….I know He is able….I know He...

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Three weeks and counting

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Yes….this is a personal post again. It is therapy for me. It has been three weeks yesterday that the Lincoln county sheriff knocked on our door. It has been three weeks yesterday since our world fell apart. It has been three weeks yesterday since our baby boy (even if he WAS 41), Jason Scott Staley, left this world for another. Three weeks. A lifetime. An eternity. Jason was my baby …. he came into this world smiling. He was a sweet, compassionate, loving and easy-going child and carried that on through adulthood. His blonde hair...

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First Day….new dawn

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First Day….new dawn

Today is the first day of the week … the day after my son, Jason was laid to rest. It is still surreal. I find myself asking – am I still here? I hear people talking in the background, my mother is keeping the two littlest granddaughters busy ….. making sukkah decorations, chattering nonstop…my brother is sitting across from me on his computer and my father is recuperating from eating too much sugary food yesterday.  My husband? He’s off trying to fix something – keeping busy. I tried. Went out to water the...

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Today is day 3 of my son, Jason, passing out of this life …. the pain is unbearable – but it helps me to put words on paper – I pray that this does not offend anyone by doing so. It is simply my outlet for grief … This is the Hebrew month of Tishrei – day 6. Jason celebrated the Feast Days of the Lord and was a very deeply spiritual person – not like your everyday church going person – but a very special deep, soul. An inquiring, sensitive, probing soul. We were going thru the days together as we approach the...

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Another milestone….

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My second born grand daughter, MacKenzie Staley, graduated yesterday from highschool. How could that be? She is still just a little tow headed little toddler? And I bet I’m not the only one that feels that way – eh Jay & Nicci? Sigh…..time marches on. ‘Kenzie’ is a beautiful, sweet, gentle and loving young lady. She is way too grown up for her age of course, but she has come thru the trials of her short life in grand style. Her beauty comes from the inside … and we are so proud of her! As we sit at your...

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Help needed

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Jim & I find ourselves in the uncomfortable position of reaching out and asking for help. We prayed and sought our hearts and advise from friends and family on how to handle this – as we are of the ‘age’ and generation where you do it all yourself. However, we simply can’t and need to reach out. Jim and I bought this ‘last ever’ house three years ago and  were so blessed – we still believe that. It was a foreclosure and it was something we could financially afford as we both are retired and on...

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