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Yep, that’s what it ‘looks’ like. Chaos, Craziness – all around the globe. People rushing to be in the right spot at the right time. All across the middle of the United States a swatch of craziness is spreading like wildfire. Parties and celebrations entering center stage and there are more t-shirts and souvenirs being sold than the 4th of July!  Everywhere you look, everyone you talk to – nothing else but the Solar Eclipse!

Yes, the sun will go dark in a few hours – right overhead of where I sit on my front porch. And when it does, I’ll seek shelter inside because the ‘view’ just isn’t worth the risk of burning my eyes. My eyes are important to me – they help me behold what is so much more important than a black glow in the sky. Personally, I’ll be more intune to what is going on around me here at ground zero – watching how the creatures react, how it feels to be in total darkness in the middle of the day, what the trees will whisper and the electric feeling surrounding me. Well, that’s what I’m anticipating anyway. Maybe nothing will happen!

So while I’m in the minority of those that will not be ‘looking’ and sitting this one out, that’s ok. We are all different, we see differently and we all walk different paths. So if you are going to join the majority and gaze at the sign in the heavens, please do so wisely and carefully. After all, there is a whole lot more to see down here on earth when those 2 minutes are up. Be wise!

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  1. 8-21-2017

    i wish yeshua had of seen when he died on the tree but he was dead for me and howd great it will be to see him again,not to far off

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