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Introduction to Parsha #5:

Chayei Sarah

Torah: Genesis 23:1 – 25:18
Haftarah: I Kings 1:1-31
B’rit Chadasha: I Corinthians 15:35-58


What a beautiful parsha we are follwing this week! This week’s parsha is all about two amazing, astounding, godly women! Two ‘eishet chayils’women of virtue, valor and strenth! The bible has many instances of ‘eishet chayils’, but these two…these two stand head and shoulders above the rest. Why do I say that? I say that because they are the example that all the rest follow.  And, by the way, they are whom we are to emulate as well. Let’s begin with Sarah.

In this week’s parsha we have two men – one is an old one who walks humbly with his Creator and the other is a young man…his son, filled with great passion and potential but has little experience, at least compared to his aged father. They have just come from the exhilerating experience from Mount Moriyah and are now deposited into the pits of despair in the valley of the shadow of death. Avram’s beloved wife of decades, and Yitchak’s beloved mother, has left this time realm. As my friend, Bill Bullock of ‘Rabbi’s Son’ so elequently puts it:

…even for men of shalom, who follow the way of the Holy One with all their heart, and who live only to do tzedakah u’ mishpat, sometimes there is no path that leads to anything that remotely resembles victory. Sometimes, even for the patient and the wise, there is no protocol that leads to understanding. Sometimes, even for the faithful, there is no miraculous healing, no supernatural rescue, and no deliverance comes for us or for those we love.

However, it is not a time to continue weeping and looking back. This week’s parsha is about living, about life, about promise! These women, these men, … are not just strangers in a book – they are FAMILYYOUR family! That family has passed down it’s seeds of righteouisness through the centuries and now that holy seed dwells in each of us … in our bodies, souls and our spirits! We are those ‘trees of righteousness’!!

They weren’t perfect, and neither are we. However, we still carry a little piece of Sarah and a little scrap of Rivkah, a tad of Avram and a shred of Isaac in each of us. But let’s stick to Sarah and Rebecca….after all, the men get quite a bit of recognition throughout the yellowed pages. It’s time beloved, to ponder on the impact of all the women of faith in your ancestry. How many matriarchs of emunah (faith) have you been blessed with in your life?  Think on that for a few minutes. Bring those Godly women to the forefront of your mind and embrace them slowly….purposefuly…individually. They have all been responsible for who you are today. Let’s give them the credit they are due.

As my friend Bill has said….this is a very special season … it is ordained by the Holy One in which He calls all of us to release old hurts and to receive healing for old wounds.

“Sarah was the first, and prototypical, matriarch of our people. She set the bar. She established the benchmark. She transcended. She trusted. She walked it out. She put on the garments of tzedakah and mishpat; she wore them – and she wore them well! And that is why Covenant daughters of all generations, past, present, and future, receive blessings in her name above any other. From the womb, their fathers and mothers pray over them: May you be as Sarah . . . . Oh, yes, precious princesses of the Kingdom – May you be as Sarah indeed!

Sarah taught us many things. She taught us how to deal gracefully, but wisely, with disappointment, hardship, adversity, and personal failure. She taught us how to entertain strangers – alert to the possibility that we could be entertaining angels unawares. Perhaps most  importantly she taught us how to laugh again.

So I invite you to join with me as we have a little family celebration of the tremendous nurturing power of a woman’s love – even as we acknowledge and shudder at the damage that can sometimes be inflicted by a woman’s scorn. A part of you is, I warn you, going to die this week. But do not fear. For a part of you is also going to be sought out, tested, and ransomed from darkness this week. And after having been bought with a great price that part of you will – if and to the extent you surrender to the process – find yourself in your Bridegroom’s embrace, will experience the light of your Bridegroom’s countenance, will taste the pleasures and plumb the depths of your Bridegroom’s love, and will take up residence in a place of honor in your Bridegroom’s household.”

As you can see, Bill’s commentaries contain a wealth of gold. If you want to follow along with me, please download the full daily commentaries below…. be blessed as we walk through this valley together! We’ll look at a few other interesting ‘sayings of Bill’ throughout the week!








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