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Finally. It’s over. OVER! A year of mud-slinging, back slapping, nauseous adds running 24/7. It’s over!

Well, maybe not just yet, maybe we are simply just beginning. Depends on which side of the fence you choose. Kinda like anything else, I suppose.

So let me gather my thoughts – a billionaire who has played politics but never been in politics is now our president-elect. A man who is bodacious, arrogant, self-serving and who envisions the impossible as possible, is now our president-elect.  A man who is bigger than life, has like the perfect looking family and loves to say ‘You’re FIRED’ is now our president-elect. Lot of head shaking going on, don’t you think? Who would’ve thought?

TrumpBut the people have spoken, the tsunami has swept over the land of the free – something he said resonated with the deepest part of many, many common folk and now we have …. Mr. Donald J. Trump as our 45th President! There are lots of nay-sayers and lots of yeah-sayers and way too many to count standing in-between with a hope and a prayer. And that’s where the reality lies … in prayer.

Let me make it perfectly clear – no matter which side of the fence you stand on, we live in the most blessed country in the world – hands down. What other country allows their people to have the ability to protest what they don’t like, burn the flag that bleeds for them, stand in the middle of interstates and stop traffic, hold up signs that cause hearts to sink, worship who or whatever they choose, live and be whoever one wishes to be? There are so many opportunities for each and every person from coast to coast that for those that want to stand outside and cry and protest and stomp their feet because they didn’t get their way – well, man/woman up will you? Get a grip, and get on with your life! This IS the best country in the world and YOU live in it! Get out there and be a light to the nation and do something positive that will move us forward!

Donald Trump’s triumph was a grass roots movement – it was not built from the pockets of the political machine. That, in and of itself, is something that was truly amazing to watch! Personally, I find that refreshing and exhilarating. I have been voting since 1970 and outside of voting for Kennedy and Reagan, this is the only other election that has given a glimmer of light that there might be someone at the top that just will do what they say they are going to do and be able to make a dent in the status-quo. There is now someone in the oval office who doesn’t owe every lobbyist out there a way in the back door. There is now a man bigger than life in that ole black swivel chair that could say ‘YOUR FIRED’ and put someone in that spot that can actually do something and is qualified to do it!

For those of you that think it’s a waste of time or the wrong one won? Well, I’m really sorry you feel that way and pray that we can all step back and objectively look at where we are from where we have come … and it’s a long, long way from our beginning. Think about it this way, the Creator of all mankind has chosen to settle my ancestors-your ancestors, my family-your family in this land of opportunity, not any other country in the world, but THIS country! And the truth is, that we are here for the duration of our life-time, and we all need to come together to make this a better place for our children and grandchildren. That has always been the mandate, the responsibility of all mankind and infused in us from the One who created us.

So, I will continue to take an interest, to show my support (or disappointment) in what goes on in this country and do what I’m able, as long as I am able, to bring to light what the Holy One Himself has placed in my heart. Don’t get me wrong, my friend. My allegiance first and foremost belongs to the King of Kings, and His house rules. However, He has established a reign of rule and just as living in His house has rules and obligations, living in ‘this‘ house (of America) has rules and regulations too. To ignore either should simply not be an option for anyone. There is a bigger picture why He has placed all of us in this country. There is a wider perspective than our narrow focus allows. Each of us is part of the restoration, the change that is needed – in this land and in the land to come. The end result is still….the restoration of HIS House …. and maybe, just maybe, this is simply practice.

Hope springs eternal.


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  1. 11-12-2016

    It’s “you’re fired” — not “your fired”.

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