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Ever admire those pretty little purple flowers popping up all over in the springtime? Well, here’s an easy and sweetly tasting recipe for some Violet Jelly! Try it out and let us know what you think! Well, here’s an inspiration that I tried from a FB post – try it – easy peasy and you’ll love it!



1 pint violet flowers

2 tablespoons lemon juice

4 cups sugar

3 oz. liquid pectin


Gather lots and lots of little violet flowers and gently press them down into your very clean mason jar. After you are sure you can’t get anymore into that jar (I used an 8oz jar for this recipe, but you can do whatever size jar you desire just adjust ingredient measurements), pour boiling water into your jar until it’s full. Stir or push down the violets with a wooden spoon to release any air bubbles.

Now, just put the lid on your jar, and set aside out of the sunlight for at least 24-36 hours. The beautiful violet color will fade to a gorgeous blue but don’t give up yet. After the jar has set for at least 24 hours, strain the violet tea thru a small mesh or colander to remove the small particles. For this recipe, you can add a bit more water to the mix so that you have 2 cups.

Now, the final magic – in a deep pot so that it doesn’t boil over (ask me how I know this!) add the lemon juice and bring it to a boil. After about a minute, add the sugar and pectin and boil again for about a minute. Then, just turn off the heat, skimp the top  and pour into your processed jars! The color will turn back into that beautiful purple color and you will have a wonderful, sweetly scented Violet Jelly! Enjoy!


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