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A friend of mine, Nitza Moshe, spoke some words of life into my spirit today….she reminded me that I am a “Princess Warrior with a Pen for a Sword”.  That rang so true to my spirit. You see, I love words, I love writing, I love reading and many have said that my ‘words’ have touched them. Many, including my mother, insist I should ‘write a book’. So why don’t I? Motivation? Laziness? Distractions? … all of that and probably more.

But I do have this little ‘ole blog…and I do post with all my heart. All types of words flow out from within the deepest parts, whether it be on healing aides of herbs and essential oils, natural products, scriptural insights that are shared, personal victories or devastating defeats … all from the heart.

So today, I look carefully at this ‘sword‘ and measure it’s worth. Each of us have our ‘own’ sword…determine which quality within you is your sword, you will find it! Today I will pick up that sword again and endeavor to add light to the universe … to dispel a bit of the darkness in a chaotic world.

Join with me, determine for yourself that you, too, will add a bit of LIGHT to the darkness around you! Together we will journey forward and walk triumphantly in HIS LIGHT!

Blessings and shalom



  1. 3-5-2021

    I enjoy your words, Pamela, so thank you for keeping me on your list and for sending to me.

    • 3-6-2021

      Why thank you Valerie! May the Holy One bless you abundantly!


  2. 3-7-2021

    i havent heard much about Jim lately. Is he home now with the family?

    Shalom Lyn

    • 3-10-2021

      Hi Lyn, thank you for asking – YES!!! He is home – 8months now and he’s still wrapping his head around everything ‘on the outside’….and it is taking him some time to readjust. He does have some updates on his FB page – and PFT website is up but under construction so it will take him a while to get everything up in place. thank you again for asking!


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